Fred Billington
Tuff Part's History:

Tuff Parts, LLC was established in January 2000 by Fred Billington, a Professional Engineer registered and licensed by the State of Texas, with more than thirty years work experience in the oilfield industry.
Upon recognizing a need to update existing mud pumps to accommodate for increased horsepower and/or pressure requirements, Tuff Parts designed a high performance aftermarket line of crankshafts and double helical gear sets for most of the larger horsepower mud pumps in operation today. Complete crankshaft assemblies are available for some models of pumps. The crankshafts are manufactured in-house, while the gears are manufactured to Tuff Parts' drawings and specifications by an ISO 9001 certified gear manufacturer.
Tuff Parts' product line is not limited to crankshafts and gears. Fred has the experience and technical expertise to engineer and manufacture almost any part, when the client has a special need.
His work experiences have provided him direct involvement in the design and manufacture of various types of oilfield equipment. This equipment includes:

•  Rock Bits and Tool Joints

•  Wellhead, Conventional and Subsea

•  Gate Valves, High Pressure

•  Downhole Pumps, Sucker Rod and Hydraulic

•  Ball Valves

•  Drilling Equipment

Tuff Parts is able to provide these aftermarket parts and services at prices that are normally below those of industry competition.