Balanced Fabricated Crankshaft

Tuff Parts' aftermarket crankshafts are designed to withstand the increased pressures required in today's drilling industry. This balanced design delivers a very smooth running pump through the full operating ranges of both speed and pressure. Pumps operating with these crankshafts have a dramatic reduction of noise and component wear.The design of these crankshafts utilizes an alloy steel (one piece forging) center shaft, heat treated for increased strength. The throws and bull gear flange are welded to the center shaft using a full penetration weld procedure. The entire weldment is stress relieved and magnetic particle inspected before machining.

The following is a list of pumps for which aftermarket crankshafts have been designed, manufactured and are currently in service.

A1400PT, A1700PT, 10P-130, 12P-160, 14P-220, FB1300, FB1600, *FC2200

Tuff Parts manufactures these crankshafts in-house and provides a one (1) year warranty against faulty material and/or workmanship.

*Available, but not currently in service