Double Helical Mud Pump Gear Sets

The oilfield industry's equipment suppliers continue to produce larger horsepower mud pumps to perform at higher pressures. Most of these suppliers have not upgraded their power ends to accommodate the resulting increased stresses generated by these high performance pumps.

The Tuff Parts aftermarket high performance double helical gear sets are designed to be a direct replacement for the O.E.M herringbone gears. These gear sets are superior in quality and performance and have approximately twice the horsepower rating of the herringbone gear set. Further, the double helical manufacturing process can achieve an AGMA rating of class eight (8) while the herringbone can achieve an AGMA rating of class five (5) to six (6) at best.

The superior strength/horsepower capacity of the double helical design is achieved through the use of stronger materials to manufacture the gears and the quality of the tooth that is machined, using a modern process.

These gears are manufactured to our drawings and specifications by an ISO 9001 certified gear manufacturer.

Tuff Parts provides a one (1) year warranty against faulty material and/or workmanship.

  High Performance Double Helical Mud Pump Gear Sets